March 6, 2015

Persuasive Writing For Kids Is A Great Way To Start

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‘Practice makes perfect’ is a very frequently uttered and heard expression so it is quite popular too. It is truly perfect when it comes to persuasive writing for kids. Writing entails both skills and talents. Much time is needed to build up of the vocabulary, learning about correct grammar, sentence patterns, subject-verb agreement. The magic happens when one starts to put together words to weave sentences and paragraphs; and paragraphs into stories, essays and novels. Starting in the grade school can’t be soon enough.

Persuasive writing for kids gives them the opportunity to develop and express their thoughts in a logical and organized manner. Writing can impart many lessons and sharpen many abilities which can prove to be useful in writing and in life in time. Kids can get to understand marketing and advertising which they see every day in the internet, television and magazines through persuasive writing.

What approaches can teachers use to teach persuasive writing for kids in schools? Teachers can motivate children to write persuasive compositions using certain strategies like:

1. Read to your students samples of good and structured persuasive compositions with children appeal in terms of the topic, approach, vocabulary, easy to understand. Let the student judge the composition by giving their comments. The children can be asked how they will improve it if they are the writers.

2. Ask the student to look for persuasive writing compositions they like. Make them read these in the class. Let the rest of the class do some commenting on the compositions read and the opportunity to integrate the comments they like.

3. Facilitate the discussion on the topics the students want to write about. Conduct a brainstorming session so they can decide how to approach writing and the arguments they can use. Inspite of similar topics and other inputs, each will have a unique way of writing the composition.

4. Teach them how to research to get facts and other supporting information to strengthen their compositions.

5. Let them write and read their output for another round of critiquing. Let them discuss their work.

Persuasive writing for kids can’t be too early. Where writing is concerned, it is good to start early to be able to practice forĀ  perfection.

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