March 6, 2015

The Importance of Dressmaking Shears

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Dressmaking shears play a major role in the lives of dressmakers,next to sewing machines. The tool is actually a sharp 8 inch shear with two finger rings often referred to as bows. When used in a cutting position, the bow must be rested in the surface. The handle is offset to the blades to make the cutting with ease especially on flat surfaces. The tool was designed to have a beveled edge that makes it very sharp for precise cutting. Nothing else compares with the usefulness of dressmaking shears for custom dressmaking. Students who are studying dressmaking must make sure that they own a pair of dressmaking shears.

There are many short term courses offered by traditional schools on dressmaking Institutions that offer dressmaking courses explore various means such as email or phone solicitations to get enrollees. Online schools are also aggressively promoting dressmaking courses aside from traditional schools. Because of the internet,students can now access dressmaking lessons via modules so they can learn at their free time. In a dressmaking course,students are taught relevant skills that would enable them to become highly-proficient dressmakers.A learner will learn how to take proper measurements using tape measure. That measuring is done three times to reconcile and avoid possible miscalculations.The dressmaking shears along with other useful tools needed for a dressmaking course is explained.

Another important part of the course syllabus is about dressmaking patterns. Without the dressmaking patterns the student would be at a loss on what would be her project. The dressmaking shear could not perform its function to cut the fabric without these patterns. There is a possibility of cutting heavy fabrics with some layers that emphasizes to the learner need for heavy dressmaking shears. While cutting is being done,the fabric is held secure by pins;likewise, the pins holds the fabric in place when it is sewn. Aside from dressmaking shears, it is highly recommended for dressmakers to keep different types of scissors. To cut snags and small fabric,scissors can do the job well. Indeed,dressmaking shears is part of a dressmaker’s arsenal to come up with something creative.

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