March 6, 2015

Formatting Persuasive Writing Essays

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Persuasive writing essays are brief argument essays which intend to convince the readers through the systematic use of sensible and verifiable evidences. Writing essays is a test of one’s communication and writing skills in school. It takes a long time to build the vocabulary and the other communication skills; often done through years of reading and interactive relationships. Learning to structure persuasive writing essays are taught in school and heavily emphasized in college.
It takes about five paragraphs to write structured persuasive writing essays with an introduction and a conclusion. The argument or thesis of the subject matter are built in about three paragraphs. Briefly, what are these parts of the essay made up of?

1. The title must be simple and straightforward. The readers can catch right away what is about to come. Using one word is a  creative approach that can be used to capture the essence of the essay. Using a metaphor, it can grab the attention of the reader right away.

2. The introduction is supposed to tell the reader what the subject is in a general perspective. The thesis or the bone of argument must also be stated in the opening to make a stand. This is where the writer can sustain the attention that is held briefly in the title. The reader will use this part to decide whether the essay is worth reading or not.

3. The thesis is developed in the following three paragraphs or so. This is where the hullabaloos are scrutinized and clarified. This is where the reader must be convinced to take the stand you want them to take. To convince the readers, factual evidences and data can be used to leave no room for doubts. Repetition of the stand several times in the essay can help condition the reader’s mind.

4. The closing or conclusion must bundle up all the important premises that arrive at the decision or resolution. A statement must be done on why the stand must be taken. To motivate the reader to do some more thinking, the closing statement can be given in a question form.

Structuring and styling persuasive writing essays do not just magically dawn on writers. Patience, reading and practice are the prices that a writer needs to pay.

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