March 6, 2015

Why companies must adapt to customer relationship management strategy

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Presently, a number of businesses adapt customer relationship management system to enhance their competiteveness. Customers have become more discerning because they can choose from many services or products available in the market. Similarly, some research have already emphasized the necessity of establishing solid customer relationship in making a business grow. Nevertheless, a customer relationship system is not just about technology or software. These are merely tools that are integrated into a system enhanced by a customer relationship management strategy.

In fact, businesses require a strategy which is why they strategic planning is often done. In the same way, customer relationship management strategy should be created to lay the foundations of the whole customer service management system.

The major purpose of a customer relationship management strategy is to find solutions that would bring greater value for the customer at the same time reducing costs for the business. The strategy must work well for the customer, the employee and the whole organization too. Hence, the strategy should be mutually beneficial to all the stakeholders in the business to make the business grow. If the customer is pleased, the employees would also feel good since the company would make profits. If the employees are inspired to do their jobs,that would be demonstrated by the way they transact with customers. In the end, all three parties are highly affected by a sound customer relationship management strategy.

A good customer relationship management strategy begins with careful planning; it precedes all management functions. The core of planning must involve an organizational analysis using Porter’s five forces or PESTLE analysis. Actual practice must be filtered from the ideals so the differences are properly determined. Once the problems are identified, the departments involved can sit down and make their own plans that would be incorporated in the strategy. No matter what product or service, a good customer relationship marketing strategy must be based on a sound marketing analysis. If the stakeholders within the business fails to determine the deliverables required to please the customers, then it would fail.

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